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Track Conversion Metrics from Simplebooking and Converto

Trackify offers a straight forward and easy to set up integration for Simplebooking, the hotel booking engine of choice for a vast number of resorts and hotels worldwide. Track Simplebooking conversion events like Bookings, Booking Volumes (€) including Converto reservations in an obfuscated manner while building your Facebook and Google Ads campaign strategy on top in a fully automated sync!

Simple booking conversion tracking

Trackify Simplebooking Bridge

Access Simplebooking conversion metrics

All metrics from your Simplebooking IBE tracked serverside and perfectly obfuscated. Track Bookings, Booking Volumes [€) and more. Trackify does it all!

>97% Simplebooking data quality

Trackify's server side tracking solution tracks Simplebooking conversion events including converto bookings with peak data accuracy in obfuscated manner. Build your PPC campaigns on the cleanest data ever tracked!

Bridge Simplebooking stats to PPC accounts

Opt in to bridge your Simplebooking e-commerce metrics including purchases and purchase volume(€) back to where you need it - to Meta or Google Ads accounts. Optimize your media budgets automatically with Trackify data and hide your strategy from competitors with Trackify's obfuscated data bridge!

Optional Performance dashboard Copy

You can choose to run Trackify's performance dashboard for your Simplebooking IBE with dynamic filtering of key stats to visualize your hotel's campaign performance across Meta and Google Ads

Simplebooking Performance metrics bridged to your PPC accounts

Sync Simplebooking Conversion stats

Trackify's unique databridge syncs Simplebooking performance metrics with highest accuracy in encrypted and privacy preserving way to Google Ads and Meta Ads accounts. Scale your hotel's Facebook and Google Ads campaigns towards ROAS efficiency never seen before.

Simple booking conversion tracking

Trackify Meta Ads Bridge

facebook ads tracking and instagram ads tracking based on pure Trackify data. Test now!

Trackify WiX Bridge

WiX ROAS tracking for hotels and resorts

Trackify Shopify Bridge

Shopify E-commerce Tracking to Scale your PPC campaings automatically

More Trackify Integrations

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