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Trackify Conversion Tracking
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Facebook Ads Tracking

Facebook Ads tracking requires syncing enhanced conversion data to your Pixel. To achieve this, Trackify uses hybrid fingerprint optionally cookieless tracking technology hosted on a European server network in GDPR compliant fashion. In Step 1 Trackify strips and upcycles your conversion data to achive highest data quality.

Facebook ads tracking

Trackify Meta Ads Bridge

Facebook Ads stealth tracking

Relevant e-commerce metrics from onlineshop or booking engine tracked with serverside precision and in stealth mode, including Sessions, Sessions with Purchases, Add-to-cart Rate, Purchase Rate, Purchase Volume (€) and many many more.

>95% Meta Ads performance data quality

Trackify's hybrid fingerprint stealth mode tracking provides conversion events with highest data accuracy. Build your Facebook Ads campaigns on the cleanest data ever tracked!

Bridge Performance data Meta Pixel

Bridge performance metrics including purchases and purchase volumes (€) back to Meta Pixel and optimize your social ads budget on trackify data though a fully automated sync. Hide your strategy from competitors with Trackify's stealth mode data bridge!

Optional Performance dashboard

On top of using Facebook Ads account native data widgets, you can choose to run Trackify's performance dashboard with dynamic filtering of key stats from key sources to visualize campaign performance across Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Ads Conversion tracking

Facebook Conversion Bridge

Step 2 pushes conversion data to Meta Ads accounts of your choice where you can use clean stats from your Pixel to run Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaign strategies as you always did. Optimize towards ROAS on the cleanest data you had in years.

Facebook ads tracking

Trackify Simplebooking Bridge

Simplebooking ROAS tracking for hotels and resorts

Trackify WiX Bridge

WiX ROAS tracking for hotels and resorts

Trackify Shopify Bridge

Shopify E-commerce Tracking to Scale your PPC campaings automatically

More Trackify Integrations

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