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Dipl. Ing. Matthias Klier


Being a Full Stack Dev. with 25 yrs industry experience setting up value tracking (€!!) for booking engines and online shops Matthias is not only the architectural mastermind behind Trackify tech but an acknowledged EU-compliance officer as well. This unique knowledge-set allows him to synthesize the best of both worlds into 1 superior product and advise strategically towards the best set up for your venture!

Till Müller M.A.


Till has 9 yrs industry experience as adigital marketing consultant and a solid track record as an officer manager for a Google Premier Partner agency running performance marketing camapigns for reputed clients across Europe and beyond. He acts as a strategic Mastermind behind the idea to encrypt and bridge trackify data back to source into Google Ads and Facebook Ads Accounts in order top build profitable, automated (or not) PPC campaigns on the most accurate data ever received.

The Story

Trackify has originally been in develpment as an inhouse solution for FORMATNULL | Digital Performance Consulting since 2021 and is basing on vast industry experience running Google Ads accounts for e-commerce ventures across the globe. With fading data quality based on tigthening EU regulation, Cooky Consent madness, IOS tracking prevention and Google's switch to GA4 we felt an urge to come up with a professional solution to solve this mess.

 Building on specific webshop and booking engine -integrations, and customer needs to loop performance data back to source (Meta Ads, Google Ads), bits and pieces of the Trackify conversion tracking software have been battle tested for years before being morphed into a wholistic tracking solution made available to PPC nerds and selected performance marketing agencies initially, and wider audiences during 2023. 

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